China Visa Renewal and China Visa Extension Service

[ Very Important Notice !! ] - 31st JAN 2020 - Due to the corona virus situation, Shanghai government request all of shanghai companies delay their opening time till 10th Feb 2020. So following is the new work schedule of VisaInChina:

24th Jan to 2nd Feb - Chinese New Year Holiday (not working, office NOT open)
3rd Feb to 9th Feb - Mobile phone available for emergency (office NOT open)
From 10th Feb - Office re-open (10am-5pm) and start working regularly.

If your visa and work permit is expires after 15th March, it's not in a rush, please contact with us again on 10th Feb. If you are our old custom and have any emergency situation before 10th Feb, please call your consultant (Please email your Consultant, and you will get an Auto-Reply with their mobile number. If you can not reach your Consultant, please call 13538015740), We will try our best to help you out.

[ Important Notice ] Our services including translation, China visa policy consulting, China immigration plan arrangement, document preparation & submission, accompany & delivery service etc which are all legalized. If you would like, you can also check all the government service from Entry Exit Bureau. if you choose to handle it directly with the government office by yourself, you only need to pay the government fee. And we are a private consulting company legally registered in China since 2001, we are not the government branch, not affiliated with the government. But because of our abundant experience, with our help, your China visa application success probability is much higher. We charge extra service/consulting fee besides government fee to keep our company running and our website updating.

24th Mar 2017, Based on the new “Foreigner's Work Permit” (FWP) policy. Now it takes about 15 working days to renew the work permit, plus 7 working days for the residence permit renewal. It's total 22 working days (before it's only 12 working days). If your employer didn't register in the new system, it will take extra 5 working days for online account registration. So VisaInChina suggest all my clients start your work visa renewal application with us at least 45-60 days before your visa expiring.

17th Mar 2017, The new “Foreigner's Work Permit” (FWP) system will start in Shanghai. Every company needs to register a new account in the new system. It takes at least 5 working days. To avoid any delay, please contact with your consultant of VisaInChina for the introduction of new system registration (Your company can start to register now!)

Why choose our China visa service in shanghai? Because

  • We have the <Human resources service license>, and we are the legally registered agency for Foreigner's Work Permit (FWP) in the Shanghai foreign expert bureau
  • We ( Consultancy Services Co., Ltd) are a legally registered company established for 16+ years (Check our Company Business License, Established since 2001).
  • We have professional work team with 16+ year's official China visa application experience. (Cityweekend has an interview with our senior visa consultant Mr. Magic Cheng to get visa suggestion, Click here to read >)
  • We have excellent language skills which can make the communication easily.
  • Our China visa application service's success rate > 99.1%

Procedure of our China visa and related service:

Step1: Client email or call us to give us his/her visa situation.
Step2: VisaInChina (VIC) check the problem and make the plan
Step3: Client and VIC Sign a service contract
Step4: Client submit document according to VIC checklist
Step5: VIC start the visa process and Prepare the visa application
Step6: Client confirm the paperwork by email
Step7: VIC Submit the paperwork to the Chinese authority
Step8: Client obtain the visa
Step9: VIC Charge the payment
Step10: VIC deliver the passport back, Job Done!

Our company insists on giving high quality visa services below:

China L visa tourist visa service (Check the right side menu to enter):
L0. You have China L Visa now, Want to get 1 month L visa extension
L1. You have China X or Z Visa now, stop working (or studying), Want to change it to 1 month with no entry nonrenewable Stay Permit (Humanity)

China M visa business visa service (Check the right side menu to enter):
F5. You have China M visa now, Want to get 3 month Multi entry M visa extension (Shanghai route)
F6. You have China M visa now, Want to get 2 month 2 entry M visa extension (Shanghai route)
F7. You have China M visa now, Want to get 1 month 0 entry M visa extension (Shanghai route)

China Z visa working visa service (Check the right side menu to enter):
Z0-B1. First time Apply for 1 Year Working Permit and Residence Permit with your employer [ New! ]
Z1. Extend 1-5 Years Working permit and Residence Permit with same employer [ New! ]
Z2. Change your Working Permit and Residence Permit from company A to B
Z4. Taiwan citizen apply the 1-5 years Working Permit
Z5. HongKong / Macau citizen apply the 1-5 years Working Permit
Z6. Employee stops working, Working permit (Alien Employment permit) cancel or modification
Z7. Employee stops working, cancel the working residence permit, change to 1 month 0 entry nonrenewable Stay Permit (Humanity)
Z8. Got new passport, transfer your old working visa to new passport [ New! ]

China Dependent visa (Q visa or S visa) service (Check the right side menu to enter):
Q1: My family member is Chinese, I want to apply 1-3 years family reunion residence permit
Q2: Visit Chinese relatives, I want to apply 3-6 month Q2 visa
S1: Employee has shanghai working visa, family member apply same length S1 residence permit
S2: Visit foreign family member who is working in shanghai, I want to apply 1-3 month S2 visa
B1: I have China working Z Visa now, I want to sponsor my living partner (not married) get Family Visa

China visa on arrival service (Check the right side menu to enter):
A1: China business M visa on arrival - Shanghai airport

China student visa X visa service (Check the right side menu to enter):
S2 - Internship visa. Students enrolled in overseas universities, entered China with S2 visa, and want to extend 90-180 days S2 internship visa - New ! Available now !
X1. Long-term study (> 180 days), want to apply the student X1 residence permit
X2. Short-term study (<= 180 days), want to extend the student X2 visa

China invitation letter service (Check the right side menu to enter):
V0. China Visa Notifications Form (3-12 month M visa official invitation letter) service

Overseas Diploma Authentication service (Check the right side menu to enter):
DA Service: Get your overseas degree authenticated in Shanghai, China [ New! ]

China No Criminal Record service (Check the right side menu to enter):
C0. Live in China before, want to get a China Police Clearance Certificate

China Talents visa (R visa) service and China Green Card (D visa) service:
PR: Apply for China Permanent Residence card (China green card)

** Most of the services above can be done without leaving the country. Besides that, Our Courier Service will make you feel more relax now! Just give us a call, we will pick up all documents from your doorstep and deliver it back after done.