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Chinese Business or we can called Commerce & Trade (M) Visa (before 1st Sept 2013, we called F visa) is issued to those who intend to go to China for commercial and trade activities. (not including internship)

Start from Jan 2015, Chinese release a new rule (no.78 Rule), especially for foreigner who comes into China to finish a short term work (less than 90 days). In that rule, it determines which kind of situation count as a short term working (Z) and what situation count as a short term Commerce & Trade (M). Details below, please check it carefully, when you have an interview in the Chinese Embassy or China visa center, you have to give the proper answer relate to the visa type which you want to apply. Wrong answer will cause your case reject or delay:

Which situation count as a short term working (Z visa)?

  • Foreigner (Employed and assigned by a foreign enterprise) comes to Chinese Co-operation Company to finish some technical, scientific research, management or guidance job
  • Foreigner comes to Chinese sport club/organization to have a trial (including coach and athlete)
  • Foreigner comes to China for a film shooting (including advertisement film and documentary film)
  • Foreigner comes to China for a fashion show (including model)
  • Foreign performance (for commercial performance)

Which situation count as a business (M visa)?

  • Mechanical after sales team come to China to repair, install, maintain, remove, guidance, training (Apply M visa)
  • Bid Winner come to China to do the project guidance, supervision, checking (Apply M visa)
  • Foreigner from head office goes to shanghai branch, representative office to have some short term work (Apply M visa)
  • Foreigner comes to China to attend the sports event, including coach, athlete, team doctor, assistant etc. (Apply M visa)

When you get a M visa issued from the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in any other countries, normally the visa is in light green color, on the right top of the visa is the National Emblem of China (Click to see the sample). After you get your visa, you must first check if your name, passport number, birth date are correct or not. After that, let's VisaInChina teach you how to read your visa. According to the above sample, on that visa, there are following important information:

  • Category: M (before 1st Sept 2013, we called F visa)
  • Entries: M (Multiple)
  • Enter Before: 3rd Sept 2014
  • Duration of each stay: 030 days after entry
  • Issue date: 3rd Sept 2013

It means, your current visa type is M visa (China business visa), you have Multi-entries to enter China (you can enter / leave / re-enter China as many times as you want), But you must enter China before 3rd Sept 2014. After you enter China, you can stay maximum 30 days without leaving (30 days calculated from your last entry date into China). Following are some FAQs about above Chinese M visa:

Q1: If I enter China on 2nd Sept 2014, how long can I stay?
A: Since you Enter Before 3rd Sept 2014, you still can stay 30 days until 2nd Oct 2014.

Q2: Following above situation, I enter China on 2nd Sept 2014, on 30th Sept 2014, I want to go to Thailand for a visit and come back on 10th Oct 2014, can I do that with my current visa?
A: You can leave China, but you can not enter China with this visa, because this visa requests you enter China before 3rd Sept 2014, so it means you must apply a new visa in Thailand to come back on 10th Oct 2014.

Ok, within the "enter before" date, you entered China, after you stay 30days, you can either leave China and come back (within "enter before" date) to active another 30 days stay, or we can help you do the visa renewal / extension here in our Shanghai or Hongkong office. Following are the services we provide for M visa renewal, normally the visa you get inside of China is in grey color, on the middle of the visa is the China Great Wall (Click to see the sample)

Price list of China M visa - business visa renewal services:

Check the following form. At the left Row, choose your Nationality (if it isn't in the list, just choose Others). At the top Column, choose the service you needed (All services code meanings you can check it below the form). the number you get is the Price (Updated 10th April 2015).

Country F5 (RMB) F6 (RMB) F7 (RMB)
USA 800 800 800
France 800 800 800
Poland 800 800 800
Brazil 800 800 800
Ukraine 800 800 800
Chile 800 800 800
UK 800 800 800
Romania 800 800 800
Venezuela 800 800 800
Ecuador 800 800 800
Panama 800 800 800
Bolivia 800 800 800
Russia 800 800 800
Mexico 800 800 800
Bulgaria 800 800 800
South Africa 800 800 800
Morocco 800 800 800
Others 800 800 800
[ F5-F7: Services fee only , the Government fee will pay according to the Government receipt ]

F5. You have China M visa now, Want to get 3 month M visa extension (Shanghai route)
F6. You have China M visa now, Want to get 2 month M visa extension (Shanghai route)
F7. You have China M visa now, Want to get 1 month M visa extension (Shanghai route)

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Paperwork list for China M visa - business visa extension services:

F5-F7 Services: China M visa extension - Shanghai route

1. Passport with valid M visa (in green color) issued from outside of China
2. 2 Passport Photographs (size 4.5cm*3.5cm)
3. Local Shanghai Registration Form Of Temporary Residence( up to date ) [ Sample ]
4. Copy of the shanghai company business license [ Sample ]
5. Copy of the shanghai company enterprise code license [ Sample ]
6. Shanghai company invitation letter to state you are the client of them -with official stamp [ Sample ]
7. Shanghai company assignment letter with official stamp to assign VisaInChina as a visa agent for your M visa extension [ Sample ] (Print out and stamp it directly, don't modify)
8. Copy of the shanghai company official invitation letter which you used to apply your M visa in the Chinese Embassy/Consulate outside. [ Sample ]

Important Notice:
1. Only the shanghai company who invite you here (which sent you the official invitation letter) can support you to get extension in Shanghai.
2. You will keep entry which your former visa remains. For example, if your former visa has 1 entry remaining, then your current extension will keep that 1 entry. If you have Multi-entries visa before, then your extension will also has Multi-entries.
3. Normally the extension of your stay can not exceed your current visa stay period. For example, if you have a 30 days M visa to enter China, you can only extend it for another 30 days (F7 service). Only if you enter China with 60 days M visa, then you can try with 60 days extension (F6 service).

Normal Service takes: 8 Working Days
Service Cost:


So if you have any problem with your China Visa or any problem related to your China visas: PLEASE CONTACT