China R visa - China Talents Visa application service

China R visa or we can called China Talents Visa is issued to those who are high-level qualified talents or whose skills are urgently needed by China.

Start from 1st July 2015, Shanghai entry and exit bureau release some new rules, especially for how to determine the high-level qualified talents, and how they can apply the China talents visa (R visa) or China green card (D visa):

Whom we can count as high-level qualified talents?

  • Invited by the Chinese government (Ministry of Organization; Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security or State Administration of Foreign Experts)
  • Or Invited by the Shanghai local government (Shanghai Ministry of Organization; Shanghai Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security or Shanghai Foreign Experts bureau)
  • Or employed by the shanghai high-technology company which has the valid high-tech certificate (click here to see the sample)

What's the benefit for foreign high-level qualified talents?

  • For the foreign talents, with proper document issued by above ministry or company, you can apply the R visa directly in the shanghai airport after landing, and that R visa is renewable up to 180 days. If your working contract is exceed 180 days, you can also apply the talents working residence permit here in shanghai.
  • You can apply China green card after you have 3 years continuous talents working residence permit.
  • You can bring a foreign personal housekeeper(maid) to Shanghai serve for your family, and you can sponsor him/her to get a S1 visa (mark as personal affair )

How to apply the R type visa - China residence permit (Talents):

It's exactly the same procedure and quotation as applying the working Z visa (you can check the right side menu "Working Z Visa" section to have all our service details). The only difference is if you count as a high-level qualified talents (which means you can provide the extra document from above government ministry), then you will get 5-years working residence permit (with Talents mark on it), the normal employee only can get the 1-year working residence permit (with Working mark on it). After you have 3 years continuous Talents working residence permit, then you can apply the China green card from the 4th year.

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