China D visa - China Green Card service

China Green Card (China permanent residence) or we called China PR is issued to those who are going to reside in China permanently. Before if you want to apply the China green card, the access threshold is very high. So in shanghai, there are 170,000+ foreign expats living and working in shanghai, but only 2400 person successfully got the China permanent residence. Right now, there is a good news from 1st July 2015, Shanghai public security bureau relax the China green card's policy. Right now more and more foreigners have the benefit to apply it.

Who will get benefit from the new China Green Card's policy?

  • High Earners: For those foreign expats who worked in shanghai continuously for 4 years, every year stay in China over 6 month. Salary is over 600,000RMB per year and paid his/her Shanghai incoming tax over 120,000RMB per year, with no criminal record.
  • Foreign Talents: For those foreign expert who have the China Talents visa (R visa, more details about how to apply R visa, please check the right side menu "Talents R visa" section), and continuously work in shanghai for 3 years, with no criminal record.

What's the benefit for foreigner who has China PR?

  • It's for 10 years continuous stay, and multiple entries.
  • If you got the China green card, your foreign spouse and child can apply it as well.
  • You can bring a foreign personal housekeeper(maid) to Shanghai, and you can sponsor him/her to get a S1 visa (mark as personal affair )

How to apply the China Permanent Residence card?

PR Service: Apply for China Permanent Residence card (China green card):

1. Original Passport (you should have 4 years continuous shanghai working residence permit, if it's in old passport, you need to provide the old passport as well)
2. Original Work Permit (or we call Alien Employment Permit, a brown booklet)
3. Your company salary receipt or contract for the last 4 years to prove that your salary reach the 600,000 every year.
4. Official Tax receipt from tax bureau to prove that for the last 4 years you have paid 120,000RMB for your personal incoming tax every year.
5. 2 Passport Photographs (2 inches size: 3.5cm*4.5cm) in original and digital.
6. Original Registration Form Of Temporary Residence (Updated with your current address and passport number) [ Sample ]
7. Company Business License (original and copy) [ Sample ]
8. Company Enterprise Code License (original and copy) [ Sample ]
9. Company Approval Certificate (only for foreign investment company)(original and copy) [ Sample ]
10. Health Certificate (Appointment Tel: 021-62688851 or Book online here);
11. Your home country police clearances to prove you don't have criminal record in your country (legalized by Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your home country)
12. VisaInChina will prepare some visa applications which need your company stamp it

Notice 1: For accompanying family members, besides valid passport and visa, he/she/they should also provide relatives certificates – those issued abroad must be legalized by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your home country. For example, for spouse, he/she should submit marriage certificate, health certificate and foreign police clearance certificate as well; for child(ren) under 18 years old, he/she/they should also submit birth certificate or parent-child relation proof; for those who have been adopted, they should submit adoption certificate.

Normal Service takes: 6 month (they don't keep your passport, so it will not affect your traveling)

Above information was translated from Shanghai entry-exit bureau website, Since VisaInChina don't have any service of China permanent visa. If you have any questions about it, We suggest you go directly to the China permanent visa government center to have a more information:

Address: Building 8-9, No.36 XueLin Road, Pudong, Shanghai
Telephone: 021-28951900

[ Important Notice ] Our services including translation, China visa policy consulting, China immigration plan arrangement, document preparation & submission, accompany & delivery service etc which are all legalized. If you would like, you can also check all the government service from Entry Exit Bureau. If you choose to handle it directly with the government office by yourself, you only need to pay the government fee. And we are a private consulting company legally registered in China since 2001, we are not the government branch, not affiliated with the government. But because of our abundant experience, with our help, your China visa application success probability is much higher. We charge extra service/consulting fee besides government fee to keep our company running and our website updating.


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