Procedure and Paperwork of applying China Business M visa

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China Business Visa (before we call it F visa, after 1st July 2013, we call it M visa) is issued to the people who want to come to China for commercial and trading, normally the length of the business M visa is less than 180 days.

Inside of China, according to the Chinese immigration laws, if you have already entered China with travel L visa, student X visa or working Z visa, it's not possible to change it directly to business M visa without leaving China. So if you have L visa, X visa, or Z visa, following are the legal way to change it to M visa and extend it later.

First of all, you need to find a sponsor, for example, your vendor, partnership or friendly company (registered in shanghai) who have business relationship with you can provide you necessary legal documents. Then please check the following procedures:

Step1: Get an official visa notification form from your sponsorship company, if you want to know how to apply it, you can check our "Invitation Letter" service at right side menu. in the application, you can choose where to apply your M visa (HK or home country), please make sure you choose the right one.

Step2: With your passport, 2 pictures, the official visa notification form and visa application form. you can apply the business M visa in the Embassy/Consulate (in HK or your home country, where you choose in the Step1)
Notice: Please keep a copy of the official visa notification form, because when you want to extend your business visa in shanghai, you need to provide it.

Step3: After you enter China with M visa, you have to register yourself within 24 hrs in the police station which near your apartment to obtain the Local Shanghai Registration Form Of Temporary Residence( up to date ) [ Sample ].

Step4: If you want to extend your stay in shanghai, with the same invite company legal document plus the copy of official visa notification form, you can extend your M visa here once, for 1-3 month (depend on your company investment capital), more details, you can check our "Business M visa" section at right side menu.

Important Notice: In step2, when you apply the M visa in the Embassy/Consulate, most of the Embassy/Consulate accept the invitation letter written and stamp by your sponsor company instead of the official visa notification form.


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