Procedure of How to Set up the Representative Office in Shanghai:

Step01: Register in Shanghai Business Bureau
Step02: Apply for the Representative Office 's chop
Step03: Apply for the Organization Code License
Step04: Register in Shanghai Statistical Bureau
Step05: Open the bank account of the Representative Office
Step06: Register in Shanghai Taxes Bureau
Step07: Physical Examination and Obtain Health Certificate
Step08: Apply for the Working Permit for the Chief Representative
Step09: Apply for the Residence permit for Chief Representative

Paperwork for set up a Representative Office in Shanghai:

01. 2 Appilcation letters
02. Business License of foreign company (Certificated by Chinese Embassy in your country)
03. 2 Credit letters from foreign company banker to declare a good credit within at least current 6 month
04. 2 Assignment letters
05. Resume of Chief representative
06. 11 Photographics of Chief representative
07. ID card or Passport of Chief representative (photocopy)
08. Office renting contract (photocopy)
09. Certificated letter from your landlord
10. Certification of foreign office acception (photocopy)
11. Certification of Title (photocopy)
12. Company introduction

Government Fee Service Fee
Around 3300RMB USD$1200